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Helping neighbors in need

Peoples Gas Share, a program co-sponsored by Peoples Gas and the Salvation Army, lets you help customers in need in your area pay their natural gas bills.

How you can help

Make a voluntary, tax deductible contribution today. Donate Now! PDF Icon Complete and print the form and enclose your one-time contribution as a check or money order.

Every dollar you donate goes directly to helping a neighbor in need. No portion of your contribution is used for fundraising or administrative costs. For every contribution made, Peoples Gas and Tampa Electric will increase the impact by matching dollar-for-dollar, up to a combined $500,000 a year.

Donations are collected by Peoples Gas and forwarded to the Salvation Army to help eligible clients.

If you need help

Peoples Gas Share funds help pay for basic home energy expenses. Eligibility is determined by the Salvation Army. To determine if you qualify to receive assistance as a Share recipient, call (813) 226-0055. For additional assistance, you can contact the Florida 211 Network by calling 2-1-1.

Community Resources

If you or someone you are caring for needs advice or financial assistance with their electric bills, these organizations may be able to help.