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e-Bill Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is required to sign up for e-Bill?
A. You need to have access to the Internet and a valid email address. When you sign up, we will ask you for your account number and the house number as it appears on the service address of your TECO Peoples Gas bill. Enter the account number as it appears on your TECO Peoples Gas bill along with the preceding zeros and continue to follow the sign up instructions on the screen to complete your enrollment. When you have completed enrollment you will be able to view your most recent bill and make online payments.

Q. Am I going to continue receiving a paper bill in the mail, when I sign up for e-Bill?
A. After you enroll, you will no longer receive your monthly bill in the mail. Each month, we send you an email message letting you know that your natural gas bill is ready to be viewed.

Q. Are there advantages to using e-Bill?
A. In addition to convenience, e-Bill allows you to:

  • Check your current and past payment activity.
  • View and pay your Peoples Gas bill online.
  • Schedule payments for future dates.
  • Set up an Automatic Payment rule to have your natural gas bill paid each month without having to login.
  • Access your statements to download or print online.

Q. Can I add multiple gas accounts to one user ID and password?
A. Yes. Log on to your e-Bill account and click on the tab labeled "Add or Remove Accounts." Input the account number and meter number to the account you would like to associate with your current user ID and password.

Q. Can I set up more than one bank account to make on line payments?
A. Yes. Just click on Payment Methods to add new bank accounts.

Q. Can my spouse, roommate, partner, etc. have his/her own user ID and password to access our e-Bill account?
A. The e-Bill system allows joint account functionality. All joint holders can view the statements, payment history, and receive the same functionality as the primary user with the exception of the banking information, which remains secured by the bank holder only.

Q. Do I have to enroll before I can see my bill?
A. Yes. You do have to enroll before you can view your bill through e-Bill.

Q. How do I sign up for e-Bill?
A. Go to Residential and click on the e-Bill link located at the top of the page. You will need Internet access, a valid e-mail address, your account number and house number. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your enrollment.

Q. How long will it take for my account to reflect my payment?
A. Your account will reflect your payment on the next business day.

Q. How will I be notified when my current e-Bill is available for viewing and payment?
A. Each month, we send you an email message letting you know that your natural gas bill is ready to be viewed.

Q. How will I know when you have received my e-Bill payment?
A. You will automatically receive a Reference ID number when you make your payment. You have the option of printing this number for your records. Or, you can refer to the "Payment Activity" tab.

Q. I have a new email address, how do I change it in e-Bill?
A. Log in to your e-Bill account. Click on the tab "Contact Information", update the necessary changes and click "update".

Q. I'm setting up a payment method. Where can I find my bank's routing transit number and my checking account number?
A. The routing transit number can be found in the lower left side of the check. The checking account number is to the right of the routing number. Peoples Gas accepts banking information from U.S. banks only.

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Q. If I choose to stop participation in e-Bill, what do I need to do?
A. Log in to your e-Bill account. Click on the tab Add/Remove Accounts. Select the account(s) you want to remove and submit.

Q. If I make a payment online dated today, can I cancel it after I have clicked on the "Submit" button?
A. No. The transaction cannot be canceled online.

Q. If I make a payment using another payment option other than e-Bill (such as mail, office, etc.), will I see my payment in my e-Bill payment history?
A. Yes. e-Bill maintains a record of all payments. However, a payment made outside the e-Bill application will be reflected in the e-Bill payment activity page the next business day.

Q. Can I access past bills?
A. Yes. A history of 13 billing items is retained in your e-Bill account. Your billing history will remain in your inbox until you have moved it to the Archive in your account.

Q. If I receive a final notice on my account, can I still make online e-Bill payments?
A. Yes, but if the payment is made after the FINAL NOTICE date, you should contact Customer Care toll free at 1-877-832-6747 to make sure that your service is not interrupted.

Q. Is it possible to make a credit card payment through e-Bill?
A. We currently do not accept credit card payments through the e-Bill program. However, you can make a payment by credit/debit card or check by utilizing Pay It Now®, one of our other payment options.
Pay using Pay It Now® for residential or commercial customers.

Q. Is it possible to schedule my e-Bill payments?
A. Yes, we have two options for scheduling payments. To make a one-time scheduled payment, just click on the "Pay Bill" button and select the appropriate options to arrange your payment for a later date. To request a pre-authorized automatic gas bill payment to be made for you each month, click on "Automatic Payments." Choose the appropriate options to set up your automatic payments.

Q. Should I set up a payment option at the e-Bill site if I'm enrolled in the Direct Debit payment program?
A. Direct Debit customers do not have to set up a payment option through the e-Bill site. Your banking information was established when you completed your Direct Debit form.

Q. Is e-Bill secure?
A. Yes. Encryption scrambles the information you send and receive through your browser. This protects your information as it flows across the Internet and prevents people from seeing what you send and receive.

Q. Does it matter which Internet browser I use to access e-Bill?
A. e-Bill is compatible with the latest release versions of most Web browsers. e-Bill may not display properly if you are using a browser version that is more than two releases older than the current version or if you are using the AOL browser.

Q. Does e-Bill work on all computers and Internet browsers?
A. e-Bill is compatible with PCs using Windows® XP SP2, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, and Macs using OS X 10.5 Leopard™ and 10.6 Snow Leopard™. e-Bill is compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Q. How can I contact Customer Service if I have questions about the e-Bill service?
A. For information about online bill, payments made via the Internet, or any other questions about this service, please contact us toll free at 1-877-832-6747.